Inde Due RDA is now in Canada!

The Inde Duo RDA is now available in Canada! We are super excited to bring you this amazing RDA by JayBo/Wismec. The RDA features a unique design for the airflow with an even more unique deck design. The best part is that it is fully interchangeable with the Indestructible Atty! Thank you JayBo.
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Off the Record Liquids in Canada

Here at flamingo we sample new brands of eliquid on a weekly basis. Most of the brands we do not pick up but the ones that stand out make it to our lineup. We judge brands by multiple factors; flavor being the most important factor, quality and overall packaging / label. Off the Record has now hit our shelves. 

Off the Record Liquids features 5 unique flavors all manufactured in the USA. Their line up is as follows...

  • Ziggy- Hawaiian Shave Ice- a medley of 13 exotic fruits infused with pink taffy candy. 
  • Liquid Swords- Berry Smoothie Gogurt- Blend of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, bananas, and pomegranate, with yogurt.
  • L.A.M.F- Strawberry Cheesecake- Graham cracker pie crust topped with juicy strawberries and vanilla swirl.
  • Rocks Off!- Marshmallow Treat- Fruity flavored cereal held with vanilla marshmallow and sweet cream icing.
  • Raw Power- Williamson Reserve- blend of butterscotch and vanilla custard, balanced to perfection with mild cuban cigar and arabica coffee.

These flavors are unique and delicious, but the best part is they are now available in Canada. 


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OKAMI is now available in Canada!

Here at flamingo we sample new brands of eliquid on a weekly basis. Most of the brands we do not pick up but the ones that stand out make it to our lineup. We judge brands by multiple factors; flavor being the most important factor, quality and overall packaging / label. The latest line we came across and fell in love with is OKAMI.

ŌKVMI ( Pronounced: ōkami. In Japanese: 大神, literally “great god”, “great spirit” or “wolf” if written as 狼 )

OKAMI BRAND is a lifestyle/street style brand founded late 2013. Their mission is simple: Champion instinct, intelligence, an appetite for great design & awareness of the importance of social connections.

We highly suggest trying either one of the 4 flavors OKAMI manufacturers and find out for yourself what made us pick this brand.

Unleash the animal within you!

Till next time,
Flamingo Team.

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Teleos Sigma and Teleos ECC 2015

Both Sigma and ECC 2015 Teleos have arrived at Flamingo and if you have been following them and have tried their other juices you would know that these are a must try.

So far Flamingo is carrying a couple juice lines made by Teleos. It started with Cloud Science, then came Breakfast at Teleos, and after that was Experiment One and Eight bells. All of the flavors so far have been winners and are flying off our shelves on a regular basis.

Two new limited edition flavors have now arrived, the first of which is Sigma. Sigma tastes just like fruit roll ups. It is on the sweeter side and a great choice for any fruit lover. 
The second flavor is called ECC 2015, for the reason that 3000 bottles of this juice are made specifically for ECC every year, after it runs out, that's it. We purchased a huge amount just to have them available for our customers to try so pick one up while we still have them. ECC 2015 is a Cherry Lime flavor, but the best way to put it, try the juice and "taste the rainbow". 

Teleos is a great juice maker and we are glad to carry their juice line in our shop, give it a try if you haven't yet, you will be glad you did.

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Milk Man and Muffin Man Ejuice

Milk Man and Muffin Man have hit our shelves. As well as 6 other brands which will be blogged about later ;) 

The Milk Man: Fresh Strawberries and Cream

The Muffin Man: Sweet Apples and Cinnamon Muffin; Apple Pie.

Picking up any of these flavors is a treat, a simple description on the Internet cannot put into words how sweet these flavors are. The Milk Man has a very smooth and creamy flavor, while the Muffin Man is definitely the sweeter one of the two. Both bottles come in 180ml sizes for $80.00 so at about $0.44 a ml you cant go wrong. If you were interested in given these juices a try stop by and have a drip! but you wont be disappointed with a blind buy of these One Hit Wonder Eliquids

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Our newest juice line Lovela is in and it is as unique as flavors get.

As taken from their site "Lovela e-liquids [pronounced Luv•ela] are hand-crafted to seduce refined palates. A daring escape from modern culture, we draw inspiration from simple yet sophisticated times. Each flavor is a carefully constructed journey to a day when fine desserts and libations surged. When flappers & philosophers reigned, Chaplin was king, the Harlem jazz renaissance emerged and our world roared with character. Enjoy your journey with Lovela."

The three flavors being The Bees Knee's, The Julep, and The Battenberg aren't for everyone but if one caters to you, you wont be able to put it down.

If you are considering picking one up;

The Bee's Knees has strong floral notes. If lavender is off putting for you, don't pick this flavor. But if you don't mind it, you will find this to be one of the most refreshing flavors you could try. 

The Julep is great for anyone with a love for bourbon or a desire to taste bourbon without actually drinking it. The spearmint and sugar add just a hint of flavor to this liquid but not at all overpowering.

The Battenberg is great for any desert fanatic, it is a very mellow dessert flavor with the taste of a light white velvet and marzipan cake. The apricot jam adds the sweetness to this dessert giving it a fruity hint aswell. 

- Flamingo Vape Shop

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Sicboy, and what to expect.

With this growing industry and new amazing brands popping up quickly in Canada and ofcourse the  US, us Canadians are left wondering how good these juices really are. Well wonder no more, we are here to make your wonders a reality.

Latest addition to our line up - Sicboy Industries- Premium e Juice: out of  Denver, Colorado. Created by Kevin and Dave, these amazing ejuices exploded in popularity within couple months and are now followed by a huge fan base.

Since we want to make these affordable US brands here across the border, with each new juice we announce we will have a sale. The sale would last three days from the initial launch on the website (each brand will be announced on facebook). 

Use coupon code (at checkout): somethingnew -  to receive 15% off every new line we add to our website!


We pride in your satisfaction.

Till next time,

Flamingo Management.

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We are officially launched!

Welcome to the flamingo family, where quality products is our mutual agreement.

First of all we would like to thank each and everyone of you for visiting our website. If there is something we promise is that we will go out of our way to bring you only the highest quality ejuices this industry has to offer. The rest is up to you, try them, review them, and give us your true and honest feedback. Only the best will survive.

You found a new ejuice line that you loved, send us the information. We will sample it and see what we can do about adding it to our lineup.

The search for the best this industry has to offer continues.

We pride in your satisfaction!
Till next time!

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