Sicboy, and what to expect.

With this growing industry and new amazing brands popping up quickly in Canada and ofcourse the  US, us Canadians are left wondering how good these juices really are. Well wonder no more, we are here to make your wonders a reality.

Latest addition to our line up - Sicboy Industries- Premium e Juice: out of  Denver, Colorado. Created by Kevin and Dave, these amazing ejuices exploded in popularity within couple months and are now followed by a huge fan base.

Since we want to make these affordable US brands here across the border, with each new juice we announce we will have a sale. The sale would last three days from the initial launch on the website (each brand will be announced on facebook). 

Use coupon code (at checkout): somethingnew -  to receive 15% off every new line we add to our website!


We pride in your satisfaction.

Till next time,

Flamingo Management.