Milk Man and Muffin Man Ejuice

Milk Man and Muffin Man have hit our shelves. As well as 6 other brands which will be blogged about later ;) 

The Milk Man: Fresh Strawberries and Cream

The Muffin Man: Sweet Apples and Cinnamon Muffin; Apple Pie.

Picking up any of these flavors is a treat, a simple description on the Internet cannot put into words how sweet these flavors are. The Milk Man has a very smooth and creamy flavor, while the Muffin Man is definitely the sweeter one of the two. Both bottles come in 180ml sizes for $80.00 so at about $0.44 a ml you cant go wrong. If you were interested in given these juices a try stop by and have a drip! but you wont be disappointed with a blind buy of these One Hit Wonder Eliquids