Teleos Sigma and Teleos ECC 2015

Both Sigma and ECC 2015 Teleos have arrived at Flamingo and if you have been following them and have tried their other juices you would know that these are a must try.

So far Flamingo is carrying a couple juice lines made by Teleos. It started with Cloud Science, then came Breakfast at Teleos, and after that was Experiment One and Eight bells. All of the flavors so far have been winners and are flying off our shelves on a regular basis.

Two new limited edition flavors have now arrived, the first of which is Sigma. Sigma tastes just like fruit roll ups. It is on the sweeter side and a great choice for any fruit lover. 
The second flavor is called ECC 2015, for the reason that 3000 bottles of this juice are made specifically for ECC every year, after it runs out, that's it. We purchased a huge amount just to have them available for our customers to try so pick one up while we still have them. ECC 2015 is a Cherry Lime flavor, but the best way to put it, try the juice and "taste the rainbow". 

Teleos is a great juice maker and we are glad to carry their juice line in our shop, give it a try if you haven't yet, you will be glad you did.