Nautilus BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil)


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Aspire brings out their latest coils technology that changed the industry of vaping. The BVC (Bottom Vertical Coils) coils fit both the Aspire Nautilus and the Aspire Nautilus Mini.

The BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) coils are designed to last longer while givings users the purest and cleanest taste. 

 Compatible tanks:

Available in 1.6 Ω resistances.
Please Note: This product is not covered by warranty.

    Package Content

    • When you buy 5 coils it will come in a box.

    Changing the coil Instructions

    1. Unscrew the metal bottom cap from the tank
    2. Pour out any remaining E-Liquid (recommended for new flavours)
    3. Unscrew the coil from the base
    4. Screw the new coil into the base
    5. Fill tank with e-liquid and reassemble (avoid getting the liquid into the tube)
    6. For best results wait a couple of minutes for the E-Liquid to soak up into the coil. 
    7. Enjoy your new flavour experience! 

    Please Note: This product is not covered by warranty.
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