D1 Coils - 4 pack


CDN $5.49


The Uwell D1 Replacement Parallel Coil is utilized in Uwell's latest top-loaded atomizer structure, focuses on a convenient loading mechanism with ample capability geared towards midwattage performance. The Uwell D1 Parallel Coil structure is the continuation of the Uwell Crown II, focusing on mid-level wattage output and keeping the wattage range similar to Uwell's performance line-up. The integration of large wicking ports allows faster ramp-up speed as well as well-balanced flavor recreation. It is constructed with stainless steel encasing the core of organic cotton and 316 Stainless Steel or Kanthal heating elements. The 0.25ohm SS316 Parallel Coil has a recommended range of 50 to 8-W, while the 0.5ohm is rated for 40 to 60W. New is the introduction of 0.8ohm Kanthal Parallel Coil, with optimal output between 35 and 55W, catering to traditional heating element.


  • Uwell's D1 Coil Technology
  • Unique Top-Loaded Design
  • Four Large Wicking Ports
  • 0.25ohm SUS316 Parallel Coil - rated 50-70W
  • 0.5ohm SUS316 Parallel Coil - rated 40-60W
  • 0.8ohm Kanthal Parallel Coil - rated 35-55W
  • 100% Organic Cotton

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